Coffee House Ramble #3

Where is she? I’ve been staring at my watch for the past 30 minutes. What’s worse than a no-show is making someone wait, don’t you agree? I’ve actually written a short post on this very topic but just haven’t published. 

Coffee[Ding] Sorry, I’m late. Overslept. 

Well the least you can do is text me and let me know. I use a flip phone. I can still receive texts.

[Throwing hands up] Okay, sorry. Next time, I’ll know what to do. What are you having?

A double mocha. You?

A coffee’s fine. So let’s talk. I’ve seen the update of your blog. I like the new look, of how you have featured posts and how all your categories are listed at the top.

Thanks, I thought to make the site as simple as I can. I like feedback from readers but when someone says the site is confusing, it becomes a project for me to un-confuse the site. So now I hope the blog is people-friendly.

Readers: If you’re having trouble navigating my blog, please tell me. For example, if you cannot see the drop-down menu at the top (i.e. Writing Challenge→3 Day 3 Quote) on your phone, tablet, or even desktop, please let me know.

I’m actually thinking of officially activating the new logo and name change tomorrow or the first day of Blogging 201, whichever comes first.

Blogging 201? You’re doing that class again?

Sure, I like to learn some customization techniques and ways to make my blog better.

So what about life? Finals on the way?

Yep, in two weeks. Can you believe it? It feels like yesterday when I began the new semester and in a blink of an eye, 13 weeks had gone by.



What else is new?

I got a new camera. It’s better than the old one. 20-megapixel. Oh and I have a new treadmill coming on the 14th of December. Finally, I don’t have to brace the freezing weather and ice to get to the gym.


Yay! Anyway, I have to get to work. I didn’t work last Friday so I have to make it up today and I still have to go switch my tires to snow tires. Plenty to do today. So see you next Monday?

You can bet on it. 

In case you missed last week:

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