Fibbing Friday: June 17th, 2022

It’s been almost one year since I last did a Fibbing Friday. I figure why not? I can tell a few lies. 😄 Fibbing Friday is hosted by Melanie at Sparks From a Combustible Mind this week and she asks the following:

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Fibbing Friday: June 18th, 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in the fun of Fibbing Friday and since my work has decided last minute to give everyone the day off, why not?

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Fibbing Friday: January 29th, 2021

What are florins, tanners and bobs?

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Fibbing Friday: January 22th, 2021

What event took place on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021?

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Fibbing Friday: January 15th, 2021

Where did the phrase “Out for a duck” originate?

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Fibbing Friday: January 8th, 2021

Another fun challenge I thought I’d give it a try: Fibbing Friday. I know, I’m a day late. Whatever. You may think telling a lie is easy but I actually found it quite hard. I hope you enjoy my answers.

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Not So Wordless Wednesday: And the chicken says…

Chicken with a microphone in hand

…eat more turkeys on Thanksgiving!

Reflection Over Coffee #19

Okay, this is the last episode before this show goes on a break. That’s why I decided to do a cross-over. So I can do one comic for two shows. That’s right, The Foreshadower will be going on a break as well. The comics will be back in 4 weeks, after all my finals and the A-Z challenge is done.
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Reflection Over Coffee #18

For the first time ever, my real-life friend, Kat, is a special guest the show. This conversation about how she’s stressed out actually exist and not in my imagination. We texted back-and-forth and I borrowed the texts and translated into dialogues which made this comic extra easy to do. Hope you enjoy.
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Reflection Over Coffee #17

You would not believe what happened last week at school. Everyone’s telling me to vote vote vote for them!
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All About Conflicts

No Foreshadower today. I know some of you are really looking forward to another episode but I just didn’t get to it even with my week-long break. So instead, I’ll post the comics I did this week for my Behavioral Management class’s group project. It is all about the chapter we are set to present on Thursday, Conflicts. Hope you enjoy.

The links for each comic is below the image, that is if you’re having trouble reading the texts.

Third-Party Intervention

Work-Family Conflict

Conflict Resolution

Reflection Over Coffee #16

*Yawn* so sleepy. I think I have post-spring-break sickness. Couldn’t spring break last just a bit longer?
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Reflection Over Coffee #15

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Reflection Over Coffee #14

My gosh! What a mess my co-host made last week but I fixed it. I liked the colors and stuck with it. This week’s edition is all about cleaning up. Have a great Monday and enjoy. 🙂
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Reflection Over Coffee #13

Happy President’s Day to people in the U.S. We get an extra day for our weekend. Woo Hoo. For that reason, I am ditching this week’s Reflection over Coffee (shh, don’t tell my co-host) and let my co-host, Angela take over. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of surprises. I just hope Angela won’t mess up the stage. I wouldn’t want to return next week to a train wreck. 😉
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Reflection Over Coffee #12

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Reflection Over Coffee #11

I want to thank those who have been following this series as well as welcome to new readers. I hope you enjoy this series. Note: the one with the dark hair and clothes is me.  Continue reading “Reflection Over Coffee #11”

Reflection Over Coffee #10

This series has officially taken a turn. Due to the responses from last week, I have updated the series’ title and banner. Also, instead of me yapping my mouth off, I am going to let my comic book characters take over. I hope you enjoy this. Continue reading “Reflection Over Coffee #10”

Coffee House Ramble #9

In order to keep this series fresh, I have decided to take a different approach this week. I am going to perform the whole episode in the style of a comic strip. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Coffee House Ramble #9”

Need Help with Marketing

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Frightening, Unrealistic, Ridiculous

Daily Prompt: You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick? Continue reading “Frightening, Unrealistic, Ridiculous”

This can be Fun

I have been working on my System Understanding Aid (SUA) project for my online accounting class. Trust me, it’s very messy. I invaded the kitchen counter the entire day yesterday, scattering the paper in that red paper bag you see on top. I brought it up to my room in the late afternoon because I just couldn’t take it anymore, I need to see the hints. Last night, my bed was all scattered with papers. I didn’t even bother to organize it. I was so tired. I just stuffed everything inside everything and transferred it back to my desk.

My mom is in the same class as me and this project is due in two days. She wanted to help but let’s face it, she’ll just get in my way. She hadn’t taken enough classes to know what to do for this project. I think if she’s taking this class alone, she’d probably fail.

But it is always helpful to have an extra set of hands and minds on this project. So if I have an extra me, I’d definitely split the responsibility on this project. One of me can be in charge of entering numbers into the spreadsheet while the other me will be working on the paper-end of the project. The best part? I don’t teach everything to my clone! Because well, we think the same, we act the same, what can be more awesome.

Although this can happen…