Coffee House Ramble #9

In order to keep this series fresh, I have decided to take a different approach this week. I am going to perform the whole episode in the style of a comic strip. I hope you enjoy.

Note: The black-hair one is me. This is what I’ve imagined I would look like if I got turned into a cartoon character. Let’s call her “fantasy me.” She’s much prettier, I think and yes, I do wear glasses in real life, just not all the time but I don’t wear a fedora though.


Did you enjoy this version? Or would you prefer I write it like before? I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are interested in seeing the original version where I “break down”, here is the link:


In case you missed last time:

Coffee House Ramble #8

24 thoughts on “Coffee House Ramble #9

    1. I love one but mom doesn’t let me get any accessories. She believes in the bare minimum. Wait until I’m free, then I’ll wear as many fedoras as I want. 🙂


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