Fibbing Friday: January 22th, 2021

What event took place on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021?

Nothing significant, just your typical hump day with meetings, mail, and checks to be deposited. Oh, was it Groundhog day?

What do Joseph Biden, Warren G. Harding, and James Monroe all have in common?

They all have unusually ordinary names.

What distinction does James Monroe have that no President since can claim?

He had an unusual amount of moles on his back. Yuck!

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Why did George H. W. Bush call George W. Bush, “Quincy”?

Because George W has a lot of quince trees on his farm and therefore, “Quincy” because his father’s pet name for him.

Why did King Edward, VIII’s reign not even last a full year?

Because he found out people were betting on him lasting 4 years and he wanted them to lose. So he married a commoner, abdicated his throne and ran away to live the life of a commoner.

What was historically significant about Queen Elizabeth, II’s coronation?

It was a sad and bitter coronation as lots of people were upset and angry over their losing of the bet for King Edward VIII.

What event happened during King George, III’s reign that changed his official title?

When he lost his 10th croquet match to a teenager.

What British figure was known as “The Iron Lady”?

The Iron Lady is not a person. It’s the name the queen had given to her favorite pen.

What did Joe Biden do before getting into politics?

He was a part-time world traveler and part-time lawyer for the indigents.

What did Boris Johnson do before becoming Prime Minister?

No one knows. Some would even say he didn’t exist 5 years ago.

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