#SundayStills: #Sweet

You make me think of all the sweet things I’ve had in life Terri with this week’s #SundayStills!

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Truthful Tuesday 06-28-2022

Melanie at Sparks from a Combustible Mind is the hostess for this week’s Truthful Tuesday and she asks:

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Sunday Poser #71

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CMMC: March Rainbow Colors

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CMMC: December Alphabet – Starts with R

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge

Friday Fictioneers: Secret Obsession

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

What I’m about to show you was my grandfather’s best-kept secret.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Thanksgiving 2021 plus Garden and Life Update

Hello, come on in from the cold. Please sit and join me for a virtual coffee and sweets.

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CFFC: Paper (Mostly Food Wrappers)

I work for a company that provides training for emergency telecommunicators aka dispatchers as well as develops the software for emergency communications.

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Truthful Tuesday 09-14-2021

This week on Truthful Tuesday, hosted by Thoughts and Theories, asks:

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5 Things Tuesday – 5 things I love about Autumn

I know it’s Thursday and tomorrow is Friday but I’m doing it anyway. Anyway, this week on 5 Things Tuesday, Tanya at Salted Caramel asked everyone to name 5 things they love about Autumn.

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Is Becoming Self-Sufficient a Fool’s Errand?

Is it?

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5 Things Tuesday – 5 Ways to Enjoy Apples

Haven’t do one of these in a while, this week, it is 5 ways to enjoy apples. Here are my top 5:

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Wordless Wednesday: Fueled by Coffee

My 5 Guilty Pleasure Foods

I am fairly new to the “Guilty Pleasure” food world since I had just got out of a life-long relationship with diets. For a long while, I didn’t allow myself to be indulged in aesthetically pleasing foods. Instead, I obsessed over nutrition label and would stay away with any foods that either had chemical preservatives, ridiculous amount of sugar, or had an insane amount of “empty” calories where the more I consume, the hungrier I’d get.

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5 Foods I Enjoy Because They Are Good For Me

If 2020 has gifted me anything good, it would be the abundance of time spent at home and the lack of opportunity to eat out. This really allowed me to explore the diverse world of food over the world-wide-web. I have fallen in love with so many different dishes and foods I had never thought I would like.

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So Much has Happened…

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Keep Calm, I’m just Exhausted!

Credit: I.E. Clark via Pinterest

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Curious (About Cheese)

Credit: Joseph Gonzalez via Unsplash

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Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort and Cozy

Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Comfort

Food is and always will be my go-to comfort…

Tuesday Photo Challenge

Photo of the Day!

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Photo of the Day!

It seems I’m determined to start your day with food this week. 😄 I can’t help it, I guess. Anyway, they call this street cart fries. Before you ask, I don’t know why it’s called that.

This was my lunch on Wednesday when we went out to this Mediterranean restaurant for lunch to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. I thought it was pretty good even though my favorite item were the fries. I have been craving fries for a while. I do wish there were more items on the menus other than fries and wraps and the prices be a little lower. It felt a little expensive for a tray of fries to cost 8-dollars.

It was worth a try, though.

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Technical Details

Samsung SM-T713 (f/1.9, 2.91 mm, ISO-40, 1/134 sec)

Photo of the Day!

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