Truthful Tuesday 06-28-2022

(aka the gummy bears, the brownies, bread and whatever else they put that stuff into)?   
Is it a good idea even though there is reportedly no THC in the items? 
Would you eat or drink something made with those products? Why  or why not?

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Is it funny that the conflicting voices in my head began getting louder the moment I saw this question?

I went on a health binge a few years back. During that time, I would go into the grocery store and only buy fresh produce. None of that frozen stuff I would eat today. Ice cream, don’t even think about it. I wouldn’t even buy mayonnaise because it’s got preservatives in it. I feel ridiculous now writing this but I would spend sometimes up to an hour reading the ingredients on the back of boxes before choosing the one with the least amount of ingredients.

During that period, I also subscribed to numerous YouTube channels on health foods, health, etc. where a health guru would head into the grocery store and tell people what to buy and not to buy. I would take notes only to find that not only were those foods expensive, they didn’t taste very good.

I made a lot of wrong decisions during this period of my life and wasted my money on these so-call super foods even though they tasted so yucky that I still cannot fathom how some people can like these foods.

Nowadays, I mostly just stick with chia seeds as they can keep me full the longest. I did want to try hemp once and when I want to try something, I’d go into in-depth research, reading every article on the food. Even though hemp is a plant related to cannabis with little to none of its side effect, I haven’t had the chance to try it yet.

I don’t know why. Perhaps, I’m afraid that I may not like it? But if you can make it into something yummy like a brownie or a cake, I’d say why not? It’s a health superfood after all.

One thought on “Truthful Tuesday 06-28-2022

  1. Excellent point Yinglan. In the American past, they used hemp primarily for making rope. Maybe that’s a bit of a clue as to how it might taste. Fandango is our resident expert on infusions, with Marilyn knowing a great deal about them as well. You maybe should ask one or the other (or both) of them their opinions. I have to agree that the ‘healthy’ foods (organically grown, without preservatives and whatnot) are very spendy and usually taste fairly awful. But last night I had a frozen vegetable “organic’ lasagna and it was quite delicious. I guess the whole idea can be a bit hit or miss? Good for you for doing that though!

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