What do you see # 140 – Tragedy in Slow Motion

Image credit; Avis @ Pexels

Please note: This is fiction!

As if in slow motion, he watched helplessly as the glass fell out of her hand. Her face fell as the liquid from her glass suspended in mid-air as if it was deciding whether to land on the floor or his expensive Armani suit.

He caught her as she fell forward into his arms. “Vera?” Her eyes rolled back. “Vera!” He said again, louder this time.

“She’s been shot,” the people around him gasped.

“Somebody call 911!” Someone shouted frantically, while somebody else asked, “who shot her?”

“C-Chase,” Vera choked out the name. “It was Chase.”

“You’re going to be okay, Vera. You hear me? You’re going to be okay.” He located the bullet wound and applied pressure while thoughts began to fill his head. Chase? Her brother? The one who’s always jealous of her success? Chase? Her brother with military background? But how would Vera have known? The shot came from behind, not in front. She couldn’t had known. Could she?


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