Sunday Poser #86 – Bugs, Ew…

Bugs; Do you love, hate or tolerate them?

I agree with Sadje, as long as the bugs stays outside, I can tolerate them, although outside is to an extent that they are not hiding among my veggies. My veggie patch has been decimated this year because of bugs. Last night, I went out to inspect my napa cabbage and found a large family of earwigs chewing on the leaves like a buffet. My first reaction was letting out a loud shriek. After that, I grabbed my bottle of Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew and sprayed like there’s no tomorrow.

The bugs immediately retreated, those who couldn’t died on the spot or got beheaded by my shears. I felt bad but had to do it. It invaded my largest napa cabbage plant, which its leaves are now full of holes.

My kale plants were also full of holes until I consistently sprayed with neem oil. Come on bugs, I have to eat these!

What about you, do you tolerate these insects/ bugs or hate them? What steps up take to keep your home bug free?

My home got infested with gnats last winter when I forgot to sterilize the soil before bringing it into the house. It was really annoying and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of it. What was worse was mom’s constant complaining about the bugs.

There were no sprays for gnats and the only solution I could find online was apple cider and a few drops of dish soap but that didn’t work unless I’m there monitoring to make sure it hasn’t dried up. I finally found a spray for gnats early May. The spray said it won’t hurt anything and I found it in the plants section but when I sprayed it, sure it killed the gnats but it also damaged and killed my seedlings and plants. I ended up having to start quite a few plants over because of it.

So I’ll be sticking with the yellow sticky traps for now.


Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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