5 Things Tuesday – 5 Ways to Enjoy Apples

Haven’t do one of these in a while, this week, it is 5 ways to enjoy apples. Here are my top 5:

Raw – I love all kinds of apples and I typically eat lots of apples in the fall as that seems to be the most popular time to eat apples. My favorite is Granny Smith Apples. I love the tartness and an absolute fan of sour foods.

Juice – I love apple juice but not the kind you get at the store. I like the kind that’s made in the kitchen with an electric juicer.

When my mom and I lived next door to my current home, we had an apple tree. It was a tree with 4 types of apple branches grafted to it. So it produced Granny Smith, Fuji, Golden Delicious, and Honeycrisp apples. During our last year of living at this house, the tree produced lots of apples. So one day, Mom decided to play with the juicer. The juice came out looking nothing like the golden liquid you’d see at the store. It was yellowish-green with a ton of foam on top. It did not look appetizing. I took a small sip and it was delicious. I liked the pulp in the juice. It made me feel like I was getting real thing.

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Apple pie overnight oats – I wrote the recipe on this 5 things post I did last year. My go-to breakfast differs from season to season. I think it’s a nice change. I call this my sweater-weather breakfast. Perfect for fall.

Apple pie – I love apple pie, more than pumpkin pie, surprisingly. I like the homemade kind the best. Last year, I made my own apple pie and loaded it with so much apples that it looked as though it might explode. I hope I get to make it again this year.

Apple Danish – I only had it once but I felt in love. Honestly though, I love anything in puff pastry and when it’s open-face with lots of apples, you don’t have to say another word.

8 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday – 5 Ways to Enjoy Apples

  1. You can hold the pumpkin pie. I love apple pie but I don’t know how to make the crust. Yes, juicing can make the juice look funny and it’s kind of time- consuming. I haven’t tried to juice with my Nutra Ninja, which I use to make smoothies.

    My favorite apple is McIntosh.

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    1. As much as I would love to make my own crust, I can’t. It’s too cumbersome to make and my obsessively compulsive clean freak of a mother would never let me make such thing in my kitchen.
      Juicing can be time-consuming. I think the apple will need to be cored and peeled before dumping it into a juicer. That’s a lot of apple to core and peeled.


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