Coffee House Ramble #2

Wow, you’re back, I’m surprised!

Don’t be. I knew I was doing this and oh look, even the poll said so. 12 Votes Yes and 1 No. Besides, I need someone to talk to, even if that person is myself.

I’m glad. What are you having?

I think I’ll have a latte.

A Latte? Doesn’t that have caffeine?

Not necessary.

So I hear you’re redesigning this blog, I haven’t seen any difference, when are you starting?

Any moment. I just have to announce the total vote. So for the name, 8 votes said yes and 1 said no. For the logo design, 9 votes for design 2, 3 for design 1, and 2 for design 3. So yes, this blog will very soon known as “Just another story,” and design 2 wins.

If you’re confused about the name or felt the name was too dismissive, the name is meant to be casual and maybe when I post the new “About the blog” page, you’ll understand.

You’re smiling, what are you thinking about?

A party.

A party?

Yes, I’ve been thinking. There’s not enough festivities around here at this time of the year. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I wish my aunt was here, at least, she can help put up the tree. Without her here, it’s just me and my mom and then it’s just work and school. It just doesn’t feel like there’s much holiday spirits in the air.

So what are you thinking?

[shrug] I don’t know, maybe throw a party, blogging style?

Hmm, that will be interesting. 


How’s your novel going?

[frown] Novel?

For NaNoWriMo? Didn’t you say last time you’re participating?

Oh, ha, forgot about that. The plot still remains in my head, been replaying it over and over. It’s crazy and I still don’t have a beginning.

I have been focusing intensely in school lately. I must pick up my effort or I might have a D and I don’t want that.

Oh wow, then I wish you luck and maybe we should end this little chat here. See you next Monday?

Sure, see you then.

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