3 Quote 3 Day – Day 1

I would like to start by thanking Charles French from Charles French Words Reading and Writing for nominating me for this challenge. I believe this will be my 4th participation.

So for my 3rd participation, I decided to complete the entire challenge in one post. I am going to do it more traditional this time since I am trying to shoot for 1000 posts by the end of December.

I am also changing up the theme a little. Last time, my theme was writing in general. This time, the theme will be Creativity and Fantasy. I hope you will enjoy this next three days as I bring you quotes about those topics.bfd1cb5f6968a323fd7e7af8a60a824c

Fantasy’s a necessary ingredient in living, a way of looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope.

-Dr. Seuss

Now, for my nominees, I will nominate the following:

  1. Barbara @ Teleportingweena
  2. Karen @ In a Small Compass
  3. Spearfruit @ Spearfruit

Looking forward to seeing your posts!

Image Credit: Pinterest

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