A Typical Friday

Friday has recently become my favorite day of the week and not because it’s Friday. This may sound strange but it’s because I get to go to work.

Ever since my mom became unemployed and began hanging around the house to bring annoyance into my life, I’ve been looking for an excuse to get out, to have a little time to myself, to get some interaction with someone other than my mom. Since she’s monitoring my car use, it will just have to be a place I can go on foot.

Friday is the day when I do my weekly inventory update at my other job as well as a a bunch of other bookkeeping and probably some housekeeping stuff.

Friday begins like any other day of the week, except instead of studying, I work.

I wake up at around 8 or 8:30 am, depends on mom. I wake my computer from its sleep while checking my WP notifications on my tablet. When my computer is nice and awake, add in the stretch, I will go online to WP to see what posts I missed while I was sleeping and scour my dashboard to find a post to publish for the day.

About 30 minutes later is usually the time when the basement door will most definitely be yanked open with either an angry mom or an irritated mom telling me off, “It’s nine, why are you still asleep?”

I will sigh, “I don’t come up doesn’t mean I’m asleep.”

“I don’t want to listen. Come up for breakfast.” ‘She will slam the door and stomp back to the kitchen/dining room.

Around 9:30 is when I finally go upstairs, have breakfast, and change into a different outfit. Then around 10 am, I will finally march out of the front door with a camera or my tablet and on my way to work.

Every work day will begin with the same activity, I update the inventory as the boys accept customers. Between customers, we joke around, watched funny videos, and listened to music. “Angry rock”, I call their type of music because the musicians sound so angry. I will just end up ignoring the music and think of something more cheerful.

After the inventory has been updated, I typically move on to something else. Last Friday, I moved on to reconciling the accounts and then the invoices. I ended up getting quite a lot done in eight hours but really, I didn’t get a lot done. I’m only half-way through the phone cases but at least, I am a step closer to finally have the inventory reconciled and then who knows what I will do next.

I typically get off some time after 6 pm, go home for dinner, and spend the remainder of the night snuggle beneath a thin blanket in front of the TV and that is my typical Friday.

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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