Writing 101: Your Personality on the Page

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

The assignment is to write about a fear, anxiety, or worry. The twist is to write it in a style that is distinctive from my own. I’m not exactly sure what other styles there are to writing but I’m going to try my best.

The proctor holds the stopwatch in mid-air. Her thumb hovers above the start button. “You may begin…” I can feel my heart pounding at the anticipation of her thumb punching the start button. I’m ready, I tell myself. No need to worry. “…now!”

With shaking hands, I rip open the test booklet eagerly and stare at the first question. I feel my brain go haywire just trying to come up with the solution for the problem. I can do this. I can do this.

Hand shaking and heart pounding, I quickly scribble a solution to the problem and fill in the correct bubble. I look at the bubble and the answer choices in the booklet. Is this the right answer? What if I somehow read the answer wrong? What if it’s B, not C?

I shake my head, I will come back later. I go to the next question. Again, my brain goes blank. Then another thought comes to me. I look up at the clock. Oh my god! Is that the time already?

I look down at the page again. Please hold on a minute, I’ve got this. I know this. Quickly, I make an educated guess on the answers. As long as the bubbles are filled, I will not get docked.

“Timed! You may close the test booklet and put your pencils down. You will have a 10 minutes recess. You are not to talk to anyone about the test.”

My hands are still shaking. I’m not sure if I even answered any of the problems right. The answers they all seemed right. What if I fail this? It will be a disaster. Mom will kill me.

I look around me and realize I am the only one remain seated.

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