A Quick Synopsis

Today’s prompt asks: Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

Didn’t I just did this prompt a few weeks ago? Oh wait, that was the book jacket and this is the back cover. Eh, same thing. I have not read a single book that does not have the same thing written on its back cover as in its book jacket. One way or another, both are the synopsis but since I’m feeling awake this morning, I’m going to indulge.

This is an actually “short” story I’m writing when I’m not working or blogging. I put quotes around short because it’s not exactly short anymore. I am getting to the end and suddenly found a way to expand the story into a novella or possibly a novel. We’ll see. 😉


Anyway, here’s the synopsis… (Oh and please don’t say it’s a silly plot, it’s fantasy)

Cassie and Summer are best friends forever. That is until Summer’s twin brother, Liam, came between them and made Cassie forget who she is, literally.

All because of what? All because he somehow believes in this ridiculous prophecy that Cassie’s kind (half witch, half human) will destroy his kind (pure witch) and that it’s his job to get rid of her. 

Will Summer discover her brother’s plot before it’s too late? Will Summer save her best friend?

Find out when this epic story between two friends comes to a bookshelf near you soon. 

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