Writing 101: Death to Abverb

I told you I was doing Writing 101 in random order, didn’t I? Anyway, the point of the assignment to go to a cafe, park, or a public place and write something that is inspired by what I see. There’s a catch, I cannot use any adverb.

Okay, first of all, a cafe? P-lease, that would be the last place I would be. First I do not drink coffee. Second, the tables at the cafe is most often either fill with crumbs from people eating muffins or it’s full of dust. Either way, I cannot even picture my laptop sitting on such dirty surface. Third, I’m sensitive to caffeine. I wouldn’t say allergic because allergic would mean I’m intolerable to caffeine and that’s not what I mean. So cafe out.

The park. That’s more like it. Although I would not be sitting on a bench in the park writing something, my thoughts would wander as I walk laps around its 5-acre trails, breathe in the fresh air, and let imagination come to me…DSCF9733

Victim of Theft

I used to live in a bad neighborhood. I’d go through four or five erasers a semester because they often go missing right before my eyes. Thieves were everywhere. Whenever I went somewhere, I would hug my belongings close to me and sometimes, I’d go without any belongings. This way, the muggers have nothing to steal.

Even after so many years of moving away from that neighborhood, I am still hypersensitive whenever I head out. Today is the park. I am carrying nothing but my phone, keys, and a camera. I speed-walk around the trails, checking my pockets every few minutes to make sure everything is where it should be.

As I get to the sidewalk that wraps around the parking lot, I shove my hands in my pockets and keep my head down, careful not to draw any attention to myself. At the same time, I cannot help but notice as a large Hispanic male wearing a black tank top steps out of his shiny Chevy. I walk quicker.

I know I’m being a bit racist but all the people that stole from me back then were Hispanics. So can you blame me for being anxious?

I walk right passed him, check my pockets again, and let out a breath of relief. Everything is still there. Maybe not everyone is thieves but I better go home before anything is really stolen.

I’m not kidding. I do worry about these things a lot and not just a walk in the park. I guess that’s the result of being a victim of theft. 

12 thoughts on “Writing 101: Death to Abverb

  1. Sorry someone set you up to feel anxious at times that could be enjoyable – like a walk in the park. I am also cautious in open areas. That’s sort of silly, as if anyone would walk out in the open in order to steal a purse! Fears are often not logical.

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    1. Actually, sometimes, it’s not silly at all. Thieves can take opportunity when no one’s watch to steal something. So an open area seems like a perfect opportunity to get mugged.


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