Things I Wish Adults Would Stop Saying

Or rather excuses I wish the adults around me would stop telling themselves.

I swear, the adults around me like to make excuses. Excuses are often a symbol for I can’t and what pisses me off is that the first thing I learned after landing in the United States was the phrase, “I can.” Making all these excuses are not only misleading to people’s minds and what happened to adults supposed to be role models?

Therefore I want to make a list of all the thing I wish adults around me would stop convincing themselves.

  1. I’m too old for this. No, you’re not. You just have to try a little harder. Nothing is easy. My mom says this a lot. “I’m too old to get an education.” Oh, come on. What about those old ladies graduating college at the age of 70? What are you saying? They’re geniuses?
  2. I don’t know how to do this.  Then learn!  What will happen when I’m not around?
  3. This is too hard,  I can’t do this. You can do this. Did you forget what you have taught me?
  4. I am very forgetful these days. Then how come you can remember something I said last week? See the problem? You can’t remember because you’ve chosen not to remember. Trust me, I’ve made this excuse a dozen times. I even blamed the thyroid medication but when it came down to it, I just didn’t want to remember.
  5. I can’t read this. I’m blind. No, you are not. You’re just very nearsighted and you have zoomed the window to 200% and come on, it’s a huge font.
  6. If I was born here, I will be a successful and millionaire. Don’t dwell on the past, focus on the future. It’s not like you can go back 50 years and tell your mother to immigrate to the U.S. to give birth. Immigration wasn’t that open back then.
  7. Everything I do because of you. Yeah yeah, keep telling yourself that.
  8. It would had been so much better if the dead one was me and not your father. Yeah yeah, guess us stuck with each other is fate.reason

12 thoughts on “Things I Wish Adults Would Stop Saying

  1. Yinglan, and here all this time,I thought you were only entertaining me! Then wham-mo, you give me wisdom by the bucket full. I should copy and paste on my wall. Maybe this is just what I need to spur me on to learning how to use my phone for something besides a phone call!

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  2. My mother uses the “I’m too old” excuse all the time to avoid learning to use technology for herself. I’m too nice to point out that her older brother taught himself how to use a DVR. But c’mon Mom, you’re only sixty-two. Are you going to be “too old” for a third of your life?

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    1. One of her favorite times to use this excuse is after we got a new range. I keep showing her, it’s not that hard to use the oven but she just refuses to learn, claiming she’s too old and her memory’s deteriorating. She is just too mean for me to point out that she hasn’t even live half of her life yet and already, she’s claiming she’s too old.

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