I Write Because…

…this is my voice.

I write because I want to be heard, in a rational way, which means no yelling and screaming.

I write because I want to be happy. I want to let my thoughts out without having to have to search for a mountain, climb it, and scream out my thoughts at the top of my lungs on top of the highest cliff.

I write because I have a ridiculously loud and unappreciated imagination.

I write because I am hungry for attention.

I write because I want to make something out of myself. I want to be independent.

Trust me, this isn’t the first time I answer this question and each time, I managed to come up with something different.

For November, I’ve decided to do Writing 101 again. Last time I did Writing 101, it was April, and I had only managed to complete 80% of the assignments. This time, I am determined to do better.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been putting off writing about my daily life. I recently went on a trip and at the moment, I am procrastinating at writing about all the fun I had and all the place I’ve seen during the trip. I just can’t seem to have an idea what to write.

For those who read my blog daily, you may have noticed an increasing number of picture posts in the last weeks. I think the sparks within me that had kept me writing had dimmed just a little bit and I am hoping that through this course, I can make the flame cackle and burn brightly once again.

Back to the question of why I write. This question reminds me a little of the question the meditation guide had me asking myself each time I meditate. What is your intention for this exercise? What do you hope to get out of this exercise?

Why, that’s simple. I want to be able to focus on an individual thing for more than 5 minutes at a time. I want to be able to remember and recall what I’ve learned and what I’ve just did.

I haven’t achieve that yet, obviously, I still have ways to go.

I think meditation is similar to writing, the more you practice, the better you’ll get but at the same time, no one knows when you’ll achieve to the level of satisfaction, only you will know. Well, although I think my writing had improved quite a bit since I began writing two years ago, I still think I have ways to go before I am satisfied.

So that’s why I write.

I write because I want to improve my writing and my overall self.

I write because I want to be a part of something as I’ve often wanted to be but somehow forced myself in a corner.

I write because it makes me happy.

14 thoughts on “I Write Because…

  1. Yup, same here… Writing is also so much fun. It is a venue where I can express my imagination and share it to the world. Writing and photography go hand in hand together sometimes and I use photography to express what I have in mind as well. 🙂

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