Food Paradise

One of the things we did most on the trip beside walking was eating. I am not complaining here. I am actually a foodie. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was like I’ve landed in food paradise.

For every meal, we went to a different restaurant where you can look at the menu all day and still can’t decide what to get. There were moments when I had wished I could try every item on the menu but physically, that is just not possible. I’d be beyond stuffed. So finally I had to reluctantly narrow down to one item.

Interesting mural on the way to the restaurant

On the last day of the trip, we went to Eleven City Diner for breakfast. The restaurant, I was told, was featured on the Food Network.

That morning, we began with the blue line from the hotel and then transferred to the red line. Upon getting out of the subway station, I felt as though I have landed in yet another world.

I was greeted by older, smaller buildings instead of the towering skyscrapers I’ve been walking beside the past three days. “We’re out of the city,” someone in the group said. I nodded quietly in agreement. We certainly were.

Older structure, mostly likely old-styled condos

A few blocks later, we have arrived at the Eleven City Diner just in time for breakfast. It’s the third diner I’ve dined in since arriving in Chicago. The first night, we went to the White Palace Grill for dinner and the previous morning, we went to Lou Mitchell Diner for breakfast.

I wondered what I would be indulging myself that morning as I walked in.


The inside felt warm and welcoming unlike the chilliness outside. We waited for waiter to greet us while some of us seized the moment to snap some memorable pictures. Personally, I think this picture looks better this way. My camera isn’t great for taking pictures inside.

A few minutes later, we took our seats at a very long table or about six tables combined; I wasn’t paying attention. My focus was on the items in the menu. Every item looked just great.

Soon, cups and tumblers were being passed around. Tumblers for those who wanted water, like myself, while cups for those wanted coffee. My group-mate who sat across from me got coffee and as much as I needed coffee, I couldn’t let it ruin my day like it tended to do. So what? I’d just yawn the remainder of the day, no big deal.


While waiting for the food, I took a moment to snap some more pictures. I thought I could do more with this picture of the cup but apparently not. Still, it looked like a special cup of Joe.


At last, my food came. It looks absolutely wonderful. This is called the Eleven City French Toast. It’s got toasted coconut, strawberry, banana, and three pieces of super thick French Toast. I couldn’t resist but took several bites before snapping this beautiful breakfast.

Although we went to many wonderful restaurants throughout the trip, I actually did not make a habit of snapping pictures of my food since, well, I don’t want to be the weird person who takes pictures of their food. This was one of the rare occasion since the dish looked so wonderfully presented.

Overall, I got to try many different varieties of food on my trip, and I think it was a wonderful change from the constant Chinese food I eat at home and it was one of the wonderful treats I could had given myself.

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Treat

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