Writing Habits

I have been blogging for more than two years and so far, I’ve written more than a thousand posts and published about 930. I can tell you that all of those posts were typed using my ancient laptop, a Sony Vaio laptop just two months shy of turning six. It’s been very reliable over the years even though it has indeed caused a few scares. 

I scarcely draft my posts in my notebook by hand since it’s just too time consuming and my right hand has a slight case of carpel tunnel due to the overuse of mouse, what can I say, my job demands it, so it makes writing by hand painful and torturous.

I prefer to write my posts in a quiet environment, which currently is my white-washed basement bedroom compare to six months ago, which was my pale-green top floor bedroom. I often turn off my music to ensure my posts turn out okay. At the same time, I don’t like an environment that’s too quiet. It makes my nerves tick and irritable. So what’s in between? I haven’t figure that out yet.

Recently, I’ve discovered I can write more at night before bed than I can do in the day time. For one thing, I am not as frequently bothered by my mom and for another, night equal sleep which equal dreams which kick-starts my imagination.

Before my mom became unemployed, I would often write impromptu posts like the response to the Daily Prompts because I was often alone at home. Now, who knows when that will be possible again.

She calls my name every few minutes. Doesn’t she know that it breaks my train of thoughts? Oh right, I can’t tell her that because we’re not on really good terms lately again. She often assumes I’m still sleeping just because I don’t go upstairs for breakfast. Well I’m not a baby. I don’t get hungry that often. Besides, who can sleep when you’re stomping upstairs?

Due to the circumstances, during the past few months, I have to write my posts at night. Sometimes, I would write several of them and publish them over a course of few days. Of course, I try not to be too annoying of publishing too many posts in one day since I’ve read about people complaining about some blogger’s excessive posting habits. I try not to go over three posts a day but typically, I would stop at one but sometimes, I’d post one more. It depends.

I don’t think I can even write at a coffee shop. Too much activities around. When I write, I need zero activities though that’s not always possible. My mind is always wandering off to some faraway galaxy.

To conclude this post, one of my dream setting to write would be in a room surrounded by nature, tall leafy trees, birds calling, water rushing, and wet soil. There’s hardly any nature where I am, mostly just concrete and asphalt. The only birds I can see and hear are crows and ravens. I hardly consider them to be nature’s birds. My other dream would be to spend the day writing. No homework, no exam to study, not have to work, just alone with my computer and write.


12 thoughts on “Writing Habits

  1. I write my best posts in familiar places I think. My dream is to blog professionally and have a home office, I think. But I’d also like to branch out to vlogging I think – do you vlog?

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    1. No, I don’t, don’t really like to be on camera. I have a childish voice, you see and I’m not sure who will take me seriously with a voice like that. I think my dream is to write professionally. A home office would be nice.


  2. I definitely couldn’t write posts at a coffee shop. Too many people coming and going. Though I bet one could get some cool ideas that way! I write all my stories while watching TV – something where it doesn’t matter if I miss a tiny bit of plot.

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  3. I love your idea of writing in the tree setting…it’s always good to get close to nature and it makes you feel good. I enjoy writing at night and in a very quiet setting, but depending on what I’m writing I also enjoy listening to soft music in the background. I always keep a tablet and pen in the car and if I come across an idea I will write it down and even expand on it if I have to waste time sitting in the traffic waiting for movement! …which happens more often than I’d like.

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