Happy 4th of July!

Good morning! Happy 4th of July from my hammock to everyone in the U.S. (Just kidding) 😀

So it’s been about a week since I’ve joined WeChat (a mini-blog that combines Twitter with Insta-gram) and it’s been significantly quiet since Sunday, probably because everyone’s working and no time to talk. Therefore, I’ve been using it as my Chinese blog, posting a picture or two everyday along with a sentence or two about my day or the picture.

To keep this short because I know people have places to go and things to do on this beautiful day, I know mom’s taking me to Chinatown today, so I’ll just post those entries (English translation and Chinese). Oh, a quick note, some of you’ve probably seen these pictures before.

June 27, 2015

Post #1: My Saturday lunch: Gingko Nuts and Cured Pork Porridge. YUM!!!



Post #2: Today’s tasks: plant vegetable, watermelons, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I feel like it’s too much, can’t eat fast enough. Veggie, watermelon, cucumber, and tomatoes all round, everybody!! 🙂 (I was feeling generous)

今天的任务。 种菜,种瓜,种番茄。 我感觉太多了,吃不来。
Post #3: The plants in our backyard. What you’re seeing (bottom left) are the blackberries. Today, we bought a large pile of cow manure. So gross (disgusting)! Tonight, my mom just put the cow manure in the ground, readying it for tomorrow’s planting. So busy. *sigh*

我们后院的植物。 你看到的是黑霉。 今天我妈买了一大堆牛粪。 真臭啊!今天晚上,我妈刚刚把牛粪防在地下,准备明天种菜。 真忙!*叹气*

June 28, 2015wpid-mmexport1435983955642.jpg

Post #1: I’ve decided! Browse the computer for a little bit and then I have to buckle down and study. (Unfortunately, I never got much studying that day. Mom wouldn’t let me.) 😦

我决定了! 看一下电脑,然后就一定要进行复习。

wpid-hands-63743_1280.jpgPost #2: Today’s Chinese Diary: Today, I finally posted the story I wrote last summer. Like my story’s cover? 😀 I absolutely love it. I want to give the link to you guys (my family, not you readers), but I don’t know who can understand it. I studied about 3 or 4 hours today, I don’t know (didn’t keep time).

Oh! Another story is almost finished, still don’t know when to post it, maybe after GMAT. I need to see, maybe I won’t be able to stand it. 🙂 Ha ha, I’m becoming a writer. Well, that’s it. Good Night!

今天的中文日记: 今天终于发布了上个夏天写的故事。 喜欢我的故事封面吗? 😀 我当然喜欢。 我想将个链接给你们,但是,我不知道谁可以读的明白。 今天复习了大概3或者4个小时,我不知(没有记住时间)。 Oh! 另外一篇就快写完,还是不知何时发布,或者过了考试先。 要看一看,可能因不住。 🙂 Ha ha,就快变成大作家了!就是这么多吧。 Good night!

June 29, 2015

Today’s Chinese Diary: This morning, I sat at the desk, deep in thought. Suddenly, I notice the sun shining in, the light was incredibly brilliant. Impulsively, I ran to the next room, picked up this bottle and placed on the windowsill. Then, I grabbed my camera, moved the desk and took these photos. Pretty nice, aren’t they? This bottle of stars holds a special meaning because, it was a gift given to me by my best friend right before I left California. I’ve treasured it for 10 years.

今天的中文日记: 今天早上,我坐在书桌,深想。 突然,我看见阳光照进来,光线非常灿烂。 冲动地,我跑去隔壁房间,拿起这一瓶子并把它放到窗台上。然后我拿着我的照相机,移开桌子与拍了这些照片。挺漂亮的,不是吗?这瓶星星对我挺有意义的,因为是我最好的朋友之一在我离开加州前送给我的礼物。 我已珍藏了10年。

June 30, 2015

This is a line from a poem (song) I wrote once upon a time. It’s called “Change”. I think it has great meaning.


这是我曾经写的一首诗的其中一句。 这首诗的名称是 “Change” 或 “改变”。我觉得挺有意思。

July 2, 2015 (I didn’t post anything on the 1st)

Careful! Look carelessly and you’ll think I went to space. 😀 😉




Reflection is a weekly post I do every Saturday. It allows me to look back and reflect whether on my past work or on life. If you missed the last volume, click here.

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      1. I really like your post, especially the last few pics 彩色星瓶,眺望天空,梦幻得很~ 而且很有共鸣!

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