Observation From My Walks

Originally, this was published under Photo101. The original title was: Photo101: Observation. Therefore, below are the original texts:

Since I don’t know what scale means, at least in terms of photography, I’ll just do observation.


From what I understand, observation is something we see and typically, the camera captures more or less than what we see. For example, in the picture above, my eyes are paying attention on the path several feet ahead while the camera captures the entire scene, no matter how I adjust it. I’m not sure if this is making sense to anybody. Ugh, I suck at explaining things. Anyway, the same goes for the picture below.


Did I achieve the goal of the assignment? Yes? No? Maybe?

Anyway, now, looking back, I think these pictures are great for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet.

8 thoughts on “Observation From My Walks

  1. I think a human “focus” is paying more attention to the subject you are looking at. Human eyes can still see the surrounding scenes but we usually say it’s in our peripheral vision. Only those in focus are remembered by our brain.

    A camera captures those in focus as well as those in the “peripheral view” making a scene all distinctively in detail. Some humans can do that and they call it “photographic memory”. 🙂

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