Photo101: Architecture and Monochrome

I was actually dreading this assignment because there are really not much architecture around here that’s worth showing in color let alone in black and white. Now that the project at my other job complete, I just have to go to work once a week to update the inventory and I never bring my camera for that. Then this morning, as I was digging around in search of some landscape pictures, I came across these. They aren’t much but I’m sure they belong in the category of some sort of architecture.

This is a custom home built right next to the neighborhood park. It’s the largest, most unique, and beautiful in the neighborhood. Everyone call this “The Round House” because a large portion of the house is round. A hard-working elderly lady lives there. She is incredibly hard-working. Almost every time we go to the park, we would walk by and find her busily maintaining the yard. Just about anyone who’s ever been to Layton, Utah knows about this magnificent house.

Whenever someone asks me where I live in Layton, I’d tell them I live by “The Round House” and they would immediately know where I’m talking about.

I took this on my way to work one morning. I just couldn’t resist. It’s another unique thing located in my neighborhood. I’ve always wanted a picture of this and then I found the opportunity.

What do you think of my take in architecture?

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