Autumn Colors Panorama

180-degree of autumn colors
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As we venture into October, my aunt and I were adamant to search for some fall colors around us. Therefore, we spent one weekend hiking from one mountain range to the next. We finally found it in a beautiful scenic area near the Snowbasin Ski Resort near Morgan, Utah.

After hiking almost 3 miles and about 90 minutes, we stood there at the top with 180-degrees of breathtaking colors. As I began to snap pictures of the scene at different angles, I began to wonder if I should do one big panorama and began snapping away.

That’s how I ended up with this – a panorama made up of 20 photos.

Taken with Sony NEX-5T (f/13, 35 mm, 1/100 Second exposure) and stitched together using Adobe Lightroom.

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