Photo of the Day!

It’s been so cold lately that I haven’t had a chance to go out and check out my backyard. Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

Photo of the Day!

I woke up on Sunday morning to a thin layer of that white stuff on my back lawn. Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

Photo of the Day!

Last night, I decided to have some post-editing fun with this picture. Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

Photo of the Day!

While shooting pictures in my backyard last weekend, I decided to pick out the most unusual-looking leaves and place them on the staircase of my deck. Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

Autumn and Metal- Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

When I think of autumn, I would immediately think of leaves changing with the weather. I would think of leaves falling from trees. It also means I can no longer go out without a jacket because it’s time to start bundling up. Above are some of the various color leaves I found in my backyard last autumn.

As for metal, these are some of the pictures I took when I visited QiJiang Park in January of this year. Before it became a park, this used to be a shipyard. The picture on the right is an art display made from metal poles. It was quite difficult capturing the entire thing from top to bottom.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Macro Moments: Week 20


I have been searching for a macro photo for days since I haven’t had a chance to take a macro this week. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 20”