A Photo a Week Challenge: Preparation

Though it’s a little blurry, I think this photo fits this week’s topic of Preparation. Isn’t this little guy just the cutest? He’s about to jump to try to catch the bubble.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #146: Focusing on the Details

This week, for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #146, Patti has challenged everyone to focus on the details.

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CFFC: Shiny

I was on a field trip last Sunday on a quest to search for spring and what did I find, a bunch of kids chasing bubbles. It’s been a while since I’ve blown bubbles but I think this is so much better. Let the breeze carry the bubbles.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected Focus

I shot this photo when I last visited California in 2019.

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CBWC: Anything in Flight

Today, March 19, 2021, marks one year since I’ve begun working from home and I must say, things sometimes get very interesting working from home like I would sometimes notice things happening outside I don’t normally notice.

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Birds in Actions

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Wings