Macro Moments: Week 26


To be honest, I haven’t taken any macro pictures since that tassel photo from about a month back. This is one of the first macros I’ve taken since I arrived in China. I shot this on a farm about 16 km from where I currently live a few days ago while my aunt was pumping water. I have no clue what this strange looking berry was. It looked like blackberries but not quite. Blackberries don’t clump together on a branch and they don’t grow on vines either. It’s a mystery all right but because this was found on a farm, I’m pretty sure it’s edible.

Here are the technical specifications:

Sony NEX-5T v. 1.00 (f/5.6, 50 mm, ISO-400, 1/160 sec)

Macro Moment Challenge

11 thoughts on “Macro Moments: Week 26

    1. Grape? That’s the farther thing from my mind when I look at the fruit. I asked my aunt and she doesn’t know but she doesn’t recommend me on trying it. Hmm, now you got wonder…


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