Macro Moments: Week 27


I shot this with my aunt’s ILC camera which, despite its lower megapixel, is a way better camera than the one I brought with me to China. I accompanied my aunt down to her friend’s ranch again over the weekend to refill our water supplies as well as get some supplies ready for the annual family reunion. This was my second trip to the ranch since I’ve arrived in China and instead of focusing on landscape shots even though the sky was marvelous, I focused on macro shots this time.

My aunt was re-heating dog food when I shot this. I shot a few macros of these tiny flowers but none of them contained a bee. The slight breeze was blowing and the flowers were swaying gracefully and basically, I was so focused on the steadying the flower that I didn’t realize the incoming bee until I pressed the shutter button. Immediately after I shot this picture, the bee flew away and it seemed like that bee had gone to warn the others to stay away from the girl with the camera because the few times when I saw a bee approaching a flower, as I squatted down to shoot, the bee hurried away.

Strange, right?

Still, at least I captured this one.

Here are the technical specifications:

Sony NEX-5T v. 1.00ย (f/6.3, 41 mm, ISO-100, 1/200 sec)

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