Macro Moments: Week 10 – Cake


So I tried to bake a cake earlier this week. It was failure but at least it was edible. I saw this recipe online and I just had to try it. I think I made the cake right, it’s just I used the wrong kind of pan to bake it in. It called for 9-by-13 and I used two loaf pans, I figure it’s the same.

The recipe was going beautifully until I took it out of the oven. The middle immediately collapsed. It was done, I used a toothpick test but apparently it wasn’t done enough. I immediately shoved the cakes into the oven for another 5 minutes, hoping it would rise back up but it didn’t. The trench just got deeper and deeper, so deep that I began to worry that it was as deep as the cake itself.

I pulled it out of the oven, stared at the cake, and sighed. This was what I get for not baking since Christmas.

I took this photograph before I flipped the cake over and cut into v-shaped slices. This photograph is of the trench. After cutting, I dug a slice and tasted. It was very moist and not too sweet. Looks like my first yellow cake wasn’t a failure after all. Perhaps, I just used the wrong pan. There’s also a lesson in this: don’t judge something on the outside and soy milk can use as a substitute for milk in this recipe.

Here are the technical specifications:

Sony DSC-W8000 (f/3.2, 5 mm, ISO-400, 1/15 sec)

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