A Quiet Exit

hqdefaultMost people would consider me a tolerant person because I don’t get angry easily, because no matter how much I hurt, I hold it in, and because I never unleash my anger on anyone. The thing is, I am not tolerant at all. I am a walking volcano, ready to explode at any moment. Make me snap and you’ll regret that decision. But all in all, I am a quiet person. I can quietly disappear without anyone noticing and people will forget all about me. Just ask my Californian friends. Oh wait, they’ve forgotten all about me. See, that’s one of the reason I like about being quiet. I never have to announce that I’m leaving.

Friday was a dreadful day at work but it was my last one. I’m never going back, not after the way I was treated. I mean, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happen to parents shouting at kids to control their language?

It was the last straw for me. I quit.

The work laptop had frozen on me so many times that day that it made me want to slam it shut and chuck it at the wall. Nothing was working. I couldn’t even shut it down. So I waited, patiently, hugging my tablet against my chest for comfort because otherwise, my anxiety would be through the roof. When the computer finally unfroze, I returned to work. I was quitting in December, so I was preparing a document full of detailed instructions of how to use Quickbooks so my successor wouldn’t screw up.

Early afternoon, my boss called. My colleague picked it up and put it on speaker. My boss shouted through the phone, he said directed at me, “Go home and stop wasting my f***ing time doing homework.” He hung up. quote-the-foolish-and-wicked-practice-of-profane-cursing-and-swearing-is-a-vice-so-mean-and-low-that-george-washington-193718

I didn’t know how to respond to that but well said, George Washington. I have seriously never been spoken to that way before, not even by my step dad (we have a thing call a swear jar) and at that moment, I thought if he was there, I might’ve done something I’d regret. Why would he think he could talk to me like that? More to the point, why would he think I was doing homework? He knew school doesn’t start until next week. Besides, why would I do homework at work?

At that moment, my anger escalated and anxiety peaked. My heart was beating out my chest. I seriously wanted to hurt something or someone. How dare he accuse me of such thing? When I’ve been spending the morning writing chapter after chapter of detailed instructions with screen shots.

I tilted my head and glared at the camera overhead, the one he’s been staring at all morning from home. I wanted so much to give him the middle finger. F you back. Just because I’m your employee doesn’t give you the right to say such foul language. He had officially caused me to lose my respect and will to work for him. It wasn’t the first time he used such foul language in the work setting. He used it at least 10 times a day when I’m there. F this, F that. My heart clench at the word. Just because the customers can hear it, do you really have to say it?

unknown-author-color-text-cream-paper-never-respond-rudeness-be-silent-7q6pTwenty minutes later, he called and told me he saw me with my tablet. I explained I was writing the instruction and needed a little help. He apologize then and there and directed me to some other task but I’ve lost interest in the job. I mean, how can anyone work after your boss just used such horrible language on you? Yeah, he apologized but something like that is impossible to forgive.

When I told my mom about it, she was outraged. “You should sue him,” she said, “for such horrible behavior.”

“Too bad no one will back me up on this.” I have no witnesses. One of my colleague is my boss’s step-son and no doubt, he and my other colleague will stand with him all the way because they really need this job. On the other hand, I don’t really need this job. I don’t make enough from this job to make a difference in my income.

He texted an apology later that evening, saying he’s under a lot of pressure, blah blah blah, like I haven’t heard that before. I’m sorry but there is no going back this time. He’s made the mistake of wrongly accusing me of not working and cursing at me.

Anyway, it looks like next week will be my final paycheck from this job and then I’ll quietly make my exit and perhaps look for another job. I’m thinking freelance proofreader. Let’s see if I have such luck.

17 thoughts on “A Quiet Exit

  1. Living in Southeast Asia for several years left me with a sense that much stress is unnecessarily. We worry about things we can’t control, and then take the frustration out on others. That’s a really poor way to run a business, and it’s one of the reasons why serious stock investors include a company’s employee morale in their portfolio evaluations.

    The world won’t spin off its axis if you quit now. But your employer should most certainly respect your efforts if you don’t quit. Conscientious, responsible, and self-motivated people are a the most important asset of a business, and a wise employer appreciates the resource. Instead of cursing, I think your boss would have better served himself by providing you with a more reliable computer.

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    1. I agree. He’s worrying about things that’s out of his control like more and more cell phone repair shops are opening in the area. That’s not something anyone can control. This wasn’t the first time I have attempted to quit but it was certainly the first time I’ve acted. The reason I wanted to quit before was because I was tired of his stupid demand: let him know hours before I went to work. That’s stupid. But cursing at me, that’s low. I don’t think he’ll replace the computer either because all the computers in the store are shoddy.

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  2. I’m sorry you had that experience. In the past, I worked for a small company where I saw the owner every day, and he acted the same way your boss did. He would curse, lose his temper, and lash out at employees. It’s disgusting and inhumane for these managers to treat employees in such a manner. Needless to say, I quit because I grew tired of his behavior. These bosses aren’t kids or teenagers; they are grown people who know better. I hope you can find a new job^^

    Freelancing doesn’t sound like a bad idea =)

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    1. I’ve been tempted to quit so many times this year but I thought I’m going to China anyway so I might as well get through these last months. Apparently I can’t get through it.
      Ugh, I hate that kind of bosses. It’s like we’re the parents and they’re the children.

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  3. Well it’s the 21st century, you can’t treat your employees like that. I’d makes sure u know someone there who will give you a good reference and write a letter of resignation (keep it professional even though working there has not been a professional environment). When I worked, the guys swore often, not at me but about some work situation. I grew used to it. But if an employer is swearing at you and making false accusations it’s other thing. I might stop by HR and make an anonymous complaint before you leave. I’m sure Ican find a better job, start putting your feelers out now. I went through a temp agency in Canada. And that was good bc u could work somewhere a few weeks try them out, and they might want to hire u on permanent. If u want to stay you stay, if not keep looking. It was a great way to find jobs because they are picky about people they try to find jobs for, and the companies they find employees for. Good luck my friend 🙂

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    1. Absolutely, no one should be treated like that. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll get a recommendation from this job. My colleagues barely made it out of high school and the HR department is me. I think a temp agency is a good idea since I’ll be leaving for China in a few months but since I still have my translation job, I might be able to hold off the job search.

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  4. That’s very sad that he lost his temper and cursed at you. I don’t blame you for leaving the job. He needs to learn to control himself. I have always heard that when one door closes another door opens. This must mean another door has opened for you and you just need to find it. 🙂

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    1. Yes, it’s very sad. He’s always had a difficult time controlling his mouth and temper. He’d run his mouth when it’s the worst time to do so and gets frustrated easily.
      I sure hope I can find that open door but maybe the door’s not meant to be found just yet, maybe for now, I just have to concentrate on school.


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