Macro Moments: Week 11


I don’t really have anything to say about this photo other than I took it yesterday when I went up Adam’s Canyon for the third time and possibly the last time and yellow is one of my favorite colors. It reminds me of sunshine. 

Here are the technical specifications:

Sony DSC-W8000 (f/8, 5 mm, ISO-100, 1/250 sec)

Macro Moment Challenge

18 thoughts on “Macro Moments: Week 11

      1. Using an accessory like a scarf for a pop of color is always nice but I think if it’s the whole outfit, then that’s a bit much. I am a fan of dressing in dark colors. It makes me look slim.

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      2. Yes you are absolutely right, dark colours are slimming. Sometimes the cut of something is good as well to do that. And I do agree, it takes a certain person to where an entire outfit, or most of an outfit in bold colours.

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