First Snow

I hope you’ve noticed the change of colors from orange to white. That’s because it snowed today. It’s the first snow of the season. Sorry about the picture, by the way. I snapped it in the moment.

A Chinese Feast

Sunday night was great. For one thing, I’ve been looking forward to this ever since my mom told me about it a few weeks ago because one, I love to eat and two, this was a rare event.


I was so looking forward to the Super Blood Moon and the Lunar Eclipse on Sunday but I didn’t get to see it. I was so disappointed. There were too much clouds that night. I stood on my front porch, urging, “Come on, clouds, just move over one tiny inch.” *sigh* The clouds just wouldn’t…

Spring to Summer to…

…And hopefully, I can go out and capture a picture of Autumn at the exact same spot soon. Thank you for reading! Previous Batches: Seasonal Changes More Seasonal Changes More Changes Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

So Not a Fan

I hate it and dread it every year. Will someone pull a prank on me? Will someone prank me so hard that my chest pound and I have to watch my back the entire freaking day? Will I get hurt? I might be able to stand pain but I hate to get hurt.