Fall Harvest

I’m taking an exam today, so I’m keeping my posts short.

Anyway, I came home from school Monday night to a very juicy surprise. A large watermelon on the dining table. It’s hard to believe that just a month ago, they were like this.

Do you find this picture confusing?

Okay, I know you can’t tell from this picture.


How about this one? Better? These are my mom’s hands by the way. Otherwise, I can’t really take credit for this picture.

A plate of cherry tomatoes, straight from the backyard was also waiting.


I can tell my mom has managed to sneak a few already. It is a little hard to believe just a month ago, they were like this.


We opened the melon after dinner. It turned out the melon wasn’t quite ripe yet. Still, it was juicy, sweet, and delicious.


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10 thoughts on “Fall Harvest

    • This semester of school has been busier than ever. I’ve been spending less and less time in the blogging time even though I’m still writing, I’ve spent less time reading.
      The fruits are luscious and delicious and I’m savoring them slowly. 🙂

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