#SundayStills: Monthly Color – #Apricot

The color of this tomato somewhat matches this month’s color challenge, doesn’t it? It’s a Brandywine Pink tomato and its color profile kinda match that of a salmon. I harvested this tomato yesterday. It’s another imperfect tomato (you should see the bottom) but that’s the point of these heirloom varieties, they are the “perfectly imperfect” tomato. Sure the shape looks Frankenstein-ish but the taste is unbeatable. I have been loving the taste of every one of my heirloom tomatoes.

I miss these yellow roses! Mom planted these yellow roses with a pink blush before we moved to our current home. Now, now uncle and aunt live in the house with the yellow roses. It’s strange that I haven’t seen the roses bloom this year, otherwise, I’d go over there and take a few cuttings for propagation.

I tried propagation last Fall but failed with all 9 cuttings from the rose bushes. I had a little luck with the yellow rose but after refreshing the potting soil, it died on me. Oh well, sometimes, my gardening luck runs out.

My final photo for this challenge is this sunset from January 2016. I’ve noticed that there seems to be one day each year in January where the sunset is this color. It feel like a sign of changing time or something.

Sunday Stills

14 thoughts on “#SundayStills: Monthly Color – #Apricot

    1. Thank you. I found out all tomatoes taste different, like some varieties are sweeter than others while others are tarter. I haven’t bought tomatoes from grocery stores in over 2 years and got to the point when I can simply wait to have tomatoes in the summer.

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    1. Oh, propagating any kind of tomatoes is easy, just take a sucker (a branch that sticks out at 45-degree angle) and put it in water. I think tomato is one of the easier plant to grow.


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