Share Your World – Week of September 12, 2022

1. If you were to go to a desert island and could only take five things with you, what would they be?

  • Solar panels along with a generator (or two)
  • A large collection of seeds so I can grow my own food
  • A set of basic garden tools – shovel, trowel, broad fork, etc. – so I won’t have to dig the earth with my hands like an uncivilized person
  • My tablet
  • An unlimited supply of foods like pasta, flour, and possibly some kind of rice.

2. What popular song (any era) best describes you?

It’s funny, I resonate with many songs but none describes who I am. Heck, I don’t even know who I am.

3. If you could only use three basic ingredients to make a meal, what would they be?

If salt doesn’t count as one of the ingredients, my three ingredients would be:

  • Some kind of noodle or pasta
  • leafy green
  • a source of protein like an egg or spam

4. Do you allow your pet on the furniture?

My mother, who’s a germaphobe and a clean freak, would never allow pets in my home. When she was searching for potential tenant, she had to put a big note on the rental flyer and rental agreement in big letters – NO PETS. Even if I have pets, I probably would not allow it on my furniture.


It’s the start of a new week. What are you most looking forward to?

I am actually looking forward to going into the office on Wednesday. Hopefully, my manager won’t send me a message to tell me to go in on Thursday instead. If I’m really heading in on Wednesday, it will be the farthest I get to drive my car since my accident. I am looking forward to driving again, to taste that freedom that I can head anywhere.

I do not hope to go in Thursday like I did last week because my mom heads in on Thursday and I don’t wish her to drive me as I wish to work according to my schedule, not hers.

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