#WeekendCoffeeShare – Summer Work Party

Hello, welcome to #weekendcoffeeshare. I can use something cold and refreshing today, especially given the work I must do today.

If we were having coffee, I would ask if we can chat while I get the trellis for my snow peas up and running again. I was at the office all day yesterday and when I got home, I found the net trellis hanging half-way down the post. The peas must had been too heavy for the net or maybe the evil wind blew it down.

I don’t like the wind. On a hot summer day, there can be a breeze, sure, but don’t wreak havoc on my garden. When I left yesterday morning, everything was in order but when I got home, the watering can was out of its safe and sheltered corner, buckets were overturned, and the shade cloths I draped over the plants were out of the positions I had put them in.

It was definitely not a breeze that did this.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I received my second raise this week. This raise was given to everyone in the company to help with the rise in cost of living due to inflation. I think it should help quite a bit.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I attended the company’s summer party yesterday. The park where the party was held was next to a golf course. So between the lush greenery and a cool comfortable breeze, the 100-degree-Fahrenheit day did not feel like 100.

The view while I ate my meal

I actually had a talk with my dietitian this week about what I can do to prevent me from overeating at this party as I often do at this type of gathering. It had all of my favorite foods, which I don’t get to eat on a day-to-day basis – hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, etc. In the end, I actually ended up not eating much – just a hot dog, fruit salad, some pulled pork, and ice cream.

I was actually more eager to find my co-workers and socialize with them. Since when did I become a social butterfly? Maybe being stuck at home with my mom will do it? I guess by conversing with my co-workers, food kinda slipped my mind.

My mom was also there as she’s a part of the company. She spent the time chatting with her co-workers and at first, I felt like she had a leash on me, wanted me to stay close but I ended up drifting away even further. I think that was my motivation to talk to other people despite being socially awkward and an introvert.

After dinner, everyone gathered in the pavilion for 15 rounds of bingo with 15 prizes up for grabs. I absolutely love to play bingo even though bingo is an old person game. I played the game with no expectation I would win because somehow, I know if I’m meant to win, God will make it happen.

Guess what?

I did win. I won a coffee warmer, which I didn’t even know was a real thing until today. Basically, it’s a small hot plate and all I have to do is place a mug of coffee on the hot plate and it’ll keep the coffee warm. I think it’ll come in handy during the winter.

I appreciate you stopping by and reading this week’s #weekendcoffeeshare, hope to chat again same time next week.

8 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Summer Work Party

  1. Hi YingLan,
    Wow – great news on your front this week, a big party and a raise. What’s not to love?
    I’ve heard that the wind anywhere near SLC can be pretty rough. I think it’s common enough that you should be planning for it. Am I correct?
    I don’t know that you’ve ever said what your company does, but I love that you guys all got together for this good time relaxing and enjoying some downtime.
    My company, Oracle, has gotten so big that these kinds of parties just can’t happen any more. I’ve been with them since the early 1990’s and recall the whole local group of us (just south of San Francisco) getting together and it was huge and crazy but they finally gave up and let managers throw limited parties just for their teams.
    These days, our team members can physically be anywhere in the world so even this rarely makes sense. It’s too bad because I’ve never actually met, or even seen a photo of the guy from India who covers my customer after my shift is done. Nice guy, works hard, but we’ve never met, and we just take it all in stride and keep working. Raises here are also pretty rare. Our stockholders are treated better in that sense..

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    1. The wind can be pretty gnarly near the mountains and some spots but I don’t live near those spots. I live in the suburb 30 miles from SLC and we don’t normally have such strong winds, until last year. I don’t even know how to prepare for that.
      My company sells the 911 emergency dispatch software systems as well as provide education training for dispatchers. I’m sure working for a large organization like Oracle, there are team members are all around the world, which will definitely make get-togethers harder. I’m glad I work for a tight-knit organization.


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