#Staycation or #Vacation #SundayStills

The last two days might had been the most boring days ever. I did almost zilch.

On Saturday, I spent the morning harvesting and cleaning up – pulling out the plants that are done for the season while removing some of the yellow leaves. This came after I divided my two GreenStalk towers into three to help me better manage my plants since I’m not tall enough to see what’s going on in the top tiers.

Then I spent Sunday doing pretty much the same thing minus the harvest and garden cleaning but I did flattened all the empty Amazon boxes in my garage and stomping those large bubble wraps with my feet – real satisfying. I sure hope none of the neighbors thought it was a gun going off because that pop was loud.

I spent the afternoons browsing Hulu for something to watch. I tried watching shows about supernatural beings. I love this genre but the shows I found were not appealing to me.

With that said, I guess you can consider this a staycation of sort? A 3-day weekend doing next to nothing? Though I wouldn’t say it’s at all relaxing to me. I was constantly pacing as I felt antsy all over.

For as long as I can remember, I have trouble relaxing. For most people, getting a massage means relaxing. For me, it means pain. I spent yesterday Googling “Anger Management” and for tips, all I got were relaxation techniques. Well, what about those that don’t know the “art” of relaxation?

I think my inability to relax might have something to do with me always wanting to please and coming up with ways to improve myself so the family will like me better. It’s worsen in the recent years, especially after quitting my previous job which left me 4 months unemployed where I spent the days looking for jobs, thinking of being an entrepreneur, and bracing for the wrath of when my mom returned home for work.

I became constantly anxious, stressed, and depressed. I lost interest in just about everything. So when I got my current job, which kept me extremely busy until this year, I was happy to not take any vacation. The only time I used my vacation hours were when I was “forced” by my family.

In June 2019, I took 2 weeks vacation to travel to California, Arizona, and Yellowstone. I wouldn’t say it was relaxing as a vacation is supposed to be. I woke up earlier than I did for work and endured more emotional stress than I did on a typical work day.

In 2021, I had to take yet another vacation as the family is off for 2 weeks in May and they want to go somewhere. I drove them to Highway 12 – a scenic byway in central Utah. I’d probably say this was a better vacation than any of the one where my mom was involved because not only did I got to pick the shelter, I got to drive instead of being the passenger.

So am I looking forward to my vacation in 2 weeks? Yes and No.

I’m looking forward to seeing Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, and eastern U.S. I’m not looking forward to the early AM waking calls and being the navigator in unfamiliar territories, especially with my mom’s low confidence level in me these days, I just hope – as my co-workers say – “don’t kill each other.”

So what do I choose? Staycation or Vacation?

Definitely Staycation. As much as I’d love to travel and go on road-trips, I’d prefer to take day-trips instead of those that require an overnight stay somewhere unfamiliar.

I just wish I can stay home and able to relax like this guy on the lake – just sit and be okay with the decision. Perhaps one day, I’ll master this art like I master everything else.

Sunday Stills

12 thoughts on “#Staycation or #Vacation #SundayStills

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I wanted to see New York and Montana for years and years, an idle dream. Then one day I was on a plane to America. High stress mode. A traffic cop shouted at me on day one, scared me half to death and a very tall African American shouted at my husband like he was the boot camp leader. New York… Phew. Did not die. Montana was covered on snow and no Robert Redford. The horses I met did not want my strawberries.
    I stay home alotalot now I am old, but I work myself into a froth watching the news and old movies and worrying about children everywhere!
    I started knitting somewhere along the line. I recommend knitting. It’s been the best brain occupier. I make up my own patterns which involves redoing things. So, knit, don’t pace.
    Love and Light

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    1. I am going to New York in a few weeks but I’m not going to New York City, not this time. I’ve been to Montana and find country folks are often nicer than city folks.
      Even now when I head into the city for work each week, I find the city folks mannerism is not as great as those who live outside the city.
      I usually crochet when winter comes, when my garden is frozen and covered in snow, leaving me with not much to do. Perhaps, I should start early this year.

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  2. There are some aspects of vacations away that are stressful, Yinglan…traffic, the unknown, lousy accommodations, etc. Sometimes vacations with family can be super stressful. But the memories (and photos) of those places can be looked back on with a good heart. Staying home and puttering is a good thing. I’ve learned I cannot control much. Letting things go that used to stress me out are gone.

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  3. Last month, I informed my manager verbally that I would taking my annual vacation in the month of December this year. He then asked me where I would be heading and I told him that I will be spending those days with my family, at my home, which resulted in the most strangest gaze I’ve received in recent times.

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    1. Wow, my manager would’ve said, “good for you!” He encourages us to take time off, although I’m not sure what good would do me to stay home for so many days. I’ve done that over the weekend and nearly went crazy.

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