Share Your World – Week of September 5, 2022

1.  Do you prefer tea, coffee or juice first thing in the morning?

I usually drink a glass of lukewarm water first thing in the morning as one of my daily medications requires to be taken on an empty stomach with plenty of water. After that, I’ll usually have a cup of coffee with my breakfast.

2.  When it comes to food, what is your favorite smell?

I love the smell of umami. It doesn’t matter where it’s coming from, that savory smell is the best smell in the world.

3.  Do you prefer a take-out or to dine in a restaurant?

I guess it depends on the restaurant. For chain restaurants like Red Lobster (seafood restaurant) or Olive Garden (Italian restaurant), I’d prefer to dine in because the takeout portions are much smaller than the dine-in portions. Basically, we get more food dining in.

I don’t know many restaurants as my mom has a strong aversion to eating out. The only restaurant she would eat at is Red Lobster, which I’m not really a fan of since I don’t really like seafood.

4.  If you are hosting a party, do you prepare the food yourself, get caterers in or ask everyone to bring something for the table?

I would definitely have everyone bring something for the table, that way everyone has something they like to eat.


What has been the highlight of your week over the last seven days?

After being cooped up in the house for so many days like a caged-up animal, my mom finally raised the idea to get out of the house for some time in nature. She hasn’t allowed me to go out on my own ever since my accident, which made me angry, irritable, anxious, and stressed.

For the most part, the trip was okay. I got to practice some breathing techniques I learned on the internet to help me manage my anxiety and anger along the ride as there were plenty of triggers, like sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s car, watching cars passing by, narrowly missing my mom’s car as she sat frozen, unable to maneuver the car into the parking space. She started freaking out and screaming like a child, which made me more anxious because it reminded me of my car accident from less than a month ago. I had to close my eyes and breathe to stop my accident from replaying in my head.

The highlight of the trip was definitely the pictures and getting to go off on my own to search for photography compositions.

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    1. That is very true. I have never driven on this road where I’m the passenger and as a passenger, I definitely see more. Although I did wish I didn’t have return to the road where I had my accident. Even as a passenger, it was not a great experience but fears must be faced, right?

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