Sunday Poser #96 – Compliments

What is the first thing you would like people to notice or compliment you upon? Looks or intelligence?


What a great and tricky question! I’m not sure how people would notice someone’s intelligence at first glance but I’ll take that over looks.

I’ve had people compliment me on my looks before and did not like it. The word that was used was “cute.” In my opinion, “cute” is used to describe anywhere from babies to pre-teen, not a word to describe a full-grown adult, unless that adult looks like Barbie or dressed in a teddy bear costume.

I think those who compliments on people’s intelligence gives the other person an air of observance, like this person pays attention to minute details like the sophistication of the person’s greeting and speech and the way the person’s dressed. The person who can pull it off will probably be Sherlock Holmes. 😄

So yes, I would take a compliment on intelligence over looks any day.


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