WPC: A Face in the Crowd

My photos rarely contain people unless I don’t have any choice. For example, a person just had to stand in that exact spot just as I clicked the shutter or I am in a crowded place. That was the reason why it was so difficult to choose pictures for this week’s Photo Challenge and since the photos contain people, I decided to make them all black and white.

This photo was shot at Mirror Lake, Utah last summer. I don’t know why I shot this picture other than I was attracted to the boat and the girl was sitting there. I didn’t like the picture at first and thought about deleting it but I’m glad I didn’t go through otherwise, I would have one less picture to show.

I’m surprised I never posted this picture on my blog, This is Another Story, because I sure had a blast watching the percussionist switching instruments that day at the Aerospace Museum. It was the 70th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force and the museum was hosting the celebration with live bands and cakes. I had so much fun that day.

This is Hong Kong as you can tell from the sign. In places like Hong Kong and China, crowds are inevitable. Unless you’re in your own home, there are crowds everywhere and I found it drove me crazy sometimes when I’m trying to take a landscape but someone was always in the popping in the picture.

I decided to leave this picture as it is because one, it doesn’t contain any people and two, this photo would not look great if I turned it into black and white.

I shot this photo on my way to the Great Spiral Jetty. The moment I rolled down the window, all the cows turned to me. It made me feel so anxious. I thought they would attack but thankfully, they didn’t. Whew!

Daily Post Photo Challenge – A Face in the Crowd

6 thoughts on “WPC: A Face in the Crowd

  1. Some great pictures here, Yinglan! My favorite is the first two. Living in Asia, you can be sure that there will crowd – everywhere! It is inescapable part of life. And also, lots of sound and smells! Well, that’s the biggest factor that binds Asia. At least Eastern part of Asia!


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