Bryce Canyon: Out of This World

After begging my mom for years to take me to Bryce Canyon, I finally got to go in January 2018. My aunt and mom went during summer of 2017 and my mom described Bryce Canyon as a magical place. Even more magical than the geysers at Yellowstone? Yep! And one wouldn’t know it until he/she takes a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah.

Rainbow Point

Bryce Canyon, one of Utah’s five national parks, is located about a four hours drive from Salt Lake City. In my opinion, it’s a relatively small national park. The scenic drive through the park is about 18 miles and each of the park’s destination is along this drive.

On my trip, my first destination was Rainbow Point which is located at the end of the 18-miles scenic drive. The above picture is the overall landscape of the Bryce Canyon. It’s a little out of this world, with the red rocks ascending around this strange plain in the middle, don’t you think?

All those needle-like stones that are sticking up? They are called Hoodoos. They are caused by millions of years of erosion from wind. It looks like Mother Nature is artistic, creating beautiful shapes from stones like the fist rock in the picture (did you spot it? 😉). Can you believe all this used to be underwater?

According to the exhibits in the visitor center, this is the Amphitheater. It is where all the Hoodoos are located. I think it’s a great title for such a place because from my perspective, it did look like an amphitheater.

Natural Bridge

Here is Natural Bridge, one of less visited places in Bryce Canyon (I think). The same as the Hoodoos, this arch, too, is caused by wind erosion.

Inspiration Point

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip, taken from Inspiration Point. First of all, the day was windy. Secondly, I had to stray from the trail to take this picture which was something my mom hate when I do it because I am not a very coordinated person. I was thankful I did not get in trouble that day.

Anyway, not only am I not very coordinated, I’m afraid of heights and combined with wind, I was terrified as I hiked up that dirt path to the platform where I shot this picture. So do you see why this is one of my favorite photos?

I think in order to take great photos, one has to be daring sometimes.

Navajo Trail

After a quick lunch, we decided to head down to the amphitheater. We headed to Sunset Point, one of the destinations along the scenic drive. This is the Navajo Trail. Not an easy trail especially in the winter. First, there was the wind and then, there was the mud. Melting snow had caused a section of the trail incredibly muddy. Ugh!

Even though I managed to get some great shots in the amphitheater, I did not finish the trail due to time constraint. My mom wanted to make this a day-trip; thus we must get going if we want to make it home before midnight. Next time, I promised myself. I hope to visit again this summer and on my next visit, I will finish this trail.

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