Seasons are Temporary

In my opinion, just about everything is temporary.

Even seasons are temporary, no matter how long they may feel like. To me, Spring and Autumn are the shortest seasons of the four. The trees in Spring – one day they’d be blooming and the next all the flowers would had fallen to the ground. Autumn is the same thing – one day, the leaves would be green, the next, they’d be yellow and orange, and then the next thing we know, they’ve all fallen to the ground.

Here are a few pictures from my collection showing the “temporariness” of seasons. These pictures were all taken around where I live. Hope you enjoy.




Early Summer

Daily Post Photo Challenge

6 thoughts on “Seasons are Temporary

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  2. You’re right but unfortunately autumn here in Helsinki is (feeling) long and very dark (cause even the snow comes later than norther Finland and is not staying so long). It’s really depressing. I hate it!


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