In China, pedestrians are almost impossible to avoid. Wherever you go, there ought to be people walking in front of you, beside you, approaching you, or pushing you from behind. After all, you are in a country with 1.3 billion people.

The above and below pictures were taken when I visited the city of Phoenix earlier this year. I snapped these pictures during the brief seconds when the crowd dissipated from its busy streets. This city is located in Hunan Province and it’s one of those historically preserved cities in China. This street is popular for its specialty shops which is combs made from ox horns. How cruel, right?

Here, we have many pedestrians occupying the glass bridge in China’s Grand Canyon. I remember I was so annoyed by these people walking slowly, not looking when they walk, jabbing their umbrellas at random strangers (me). It made me want to return to the nice and quiet suburb of the US of A.

What more can I say about this topic? Oh yeah, in a country like China, pedestrians and crowds are inevitable.

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