This was not an easy topic. It took me browsing almost my entire library to come up with these. So I hope you like them.

Daily Post Photo Challenge

16 thoughts on “Peek

    1. It’s snowing already?
      😄I think I would love to see something that doesn’t involve snow too if that’s the case.
      We’re expecting the first snow storm tomorrow, hopefully that’s not true. I’m not sure I’m ready yet. Crossing my fingers. 🤞

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      1. Haha yeah the rule here seems to be Halloween is almost always the first snow. It snowed lightly on the 31st but on Nov 1 and since, the snow has settled on and remained. Our hope is always that if we have more snow and cold weather now, January and February will have less -30 degree Celsius days. Crossing my fingers your snow storm turns out to be little. I’m dreaming of a poolside at a Las Vegas hotel in late May or June lol. Have a good rest of the weekend 🙂

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      2. Ah, I see. The rule here is the middle to the last week of November. -30 Celsius days? That’s some chilly temperatures. Have a good rest of the weekend to you as well.

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