Lens-Artists Challenge #129: Favorite Image of 2020

If I have to pick my all-time favorite image of 2020, it would be this one and it’s not because I was all alone and could take my sweet time to create this awesome landscape.

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Silent Sunday: Another End to Another Day

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunset, Moonrise, Life Goes On, Etc.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Shimmer

A Photo A Week Challenge

Which Ways Around Farmington Bay

Which Way Photo Challenge

Photo of the Day!

And of course, how can I forget this great sunset which I witnessed in early August? Seeing this makes me look forward to summer again despite the sweltering heat.  Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

Photo of the Day!

Here is a look from my third hike this year – the hike that probably brought new fears to my life and had the most impact on my hiking experience even though I can most definitely blame myself for wearing poor traction shoes on this hike. Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

Photo of the Day!

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Photo of the Day!

Even though I’ll be busier than usual, the best part of my mom’s friends coming is always getting to go to new places and see new things I don’t usually get to see. Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

A Photo a Week Challenge: Blue Skies

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Photo of the Day!

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Transformation through the Seasons

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