Coconut Cupcakes

At the start of the week, my mom told me one of her co-workers was having a baby shower in the office and everyone was bringing treats. Since I’m at home, she had put me in charge of making treats.

What’s For Breakfast?

Ever since my aunt and cousin left, the fridge has been mostly empty. We went from going grocery shopping every few days, which is crazy, to every two weeks or month, which is what we do now.

My Special Thursday Lunch

I’ve been itching to write this post all afternoon. Honestly, I thought I would’ve gotten home like more than two hours ago but no, my orthodontist decided to make me wait. So I was sitting in the hallway outside his office for more than an hour before he called me in. Also, the traffic hadn’t been…


Pumpkin Pies for Lazy Cooks

Originally posted on Crazy About Food:
So on Tuesday night, my mother came home announcing her office at work was having some kind of get-together on Thursday and they had asked her to bring something. She didn’t know what until she got home. A pie, she insisted. But where can she get it? She didn’t want…

The Problems with Baking

As I sieved through old posts looking for inspiration for today’s post, I came across this one draft that I’ve never managed to finish. But the way, this post was originally started on February 3, 2013. As usual then, it was a spur of moment thing, feeling of anger and annoyance.