Baked Mac n’ Cheese

I mentioned at the end of my previous post that I would be attempting Baked Mac n’ Cheese for the very first time to celebrate not only winter solstice but also my special day. Well, I did it and it was super yummy.

Here are some pictures of this delicious dish.

I was going to follow a recipe provided by a fellow blogger but it seemed to involve too many ingredients that I don’t have. So, after some searching, I found this easy recipe on Food Network. The only extra I added to this dish was the sprinkle of black pepper.

I think the attempt was successful although I’m not quite sure if my aunt and mom enjoyed it as much as I did – I saw the sour looks on their faces as they scooped the gooey goodness into their mouths. They don’t like cheese like I do and I may had overdone it with the sharp cheddar. At least they’re not complaining, they just politely answered “yes” when I asked them how it was which was a better answer than I usually get.

Finally, before I go, I want to show you a picture of the magnificent sunset from yesterday.


13 thoughts on “Baked Mac n’ Cheese

  1. Be still my heart!!! No… “Be still my stomach!” I love mac and cheese! And this looks absolutely scrump-dilli-illi-licious!

    By the way… I still have that “Tyranny of the Urgent” booklet for you if you’re interested.


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