Out of Place and Stuffed

So we’re waiting for the rest of the house to wake up before we can get a move on. I feel so out of place here like my mom’s friend’s American husband. I wonder how he manage to survive all this time in a house full of Chinese women and old man who don’t really speak English. That’s probably why he often in the new addition of the house watching Netflix.

Yesterday was a day of non-stop eating and TV watching. At lunch, my mom’s friend’s parents kept scooping food on my plate even when I told them I couldn’t eat anymore. It’s just like all the other old people in China. They want children to eat eat eat because to them, fat children are a sign of health. I was so tired of eating and a little suffocating by the time lunch was over and it’s already near 3 in the afternoon.

A while after I finished my post for yesterday, I was finally shown the place I was going to sleep last night. It was the office, wait it’s a little studio and it even came with Neflix and Apple TV! I’ve never used those things before and it’s just beginning to feel like TV heaven to me. No wonder people are binge watching.

It's got a beautiful view out the balcony
It’s got a beautiful view out the balcony


Her friend's a clothes designer of so kind, I think
Her friend’s a clothes designer of so kind, I think
It even has a fake fireplace. Unfortunately, it's also the only vent in the whole room.
It even has a fake fireplace. Unfortunately, it’s also the only vent in the whole room.

At around 7 last night, my mom finally came up and called me for dinner. It was more or less like lunch. I was served a super large bowl of porridge and northern Chinese buns (小龙包), at least I think that’s what it’s called. I thought I was going to go crazy. I didn’t even finish the porridge before I was overfilled and my mom prompted me to go back and watch TV.

The resemblance is pretty close

After a few hours of TV watching, I finally went to bed on an air mattress that we brought from home. It was quite comfy and I slept alright. My mom woke me up at 6:30 this morning and as soon as I was up, I thought to check out the prompt. No prompt today. Great.

Anyway, I’m watching TV again, waiting for noon to come before we leave for home. It’s been a pretty fun trip. I think the funnest part was the watching TV part and the worst part is the food. All they do all day is eat! I think I may need to starve myself for a couple of days so all the food I had from the beginning of the holidays would have a chance to finally digest.

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