The First Day

So I wanted to write yesterday but I couldn’t get myself to.  First of all, I am home, finally. I was dead tired. I slept 12 hours, from 9 to 9 and I was still tired. I worked 7.5 hours yesterday and went to bed extra early.

quote-there-s-a-first-time-for-everything-proverbs-309430I saw the prompt yesterday and thought to post my ice breaker speech from Toastmaster since it’s about my first night in the U.S.. At least that’s what I thought. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s about so many things and I would have to rewrite it to fit the topic.  So I am about 24 hours late, oh well, there’s always the first.

Oh boy, I have had so many “firsts” I can’t even count. First day of kindergarten, elementary school, in a new country, new state, middle school, high school, semester in college etc.

Next Tuesday, January 13, will be the first day of spring semester for me. It’s supposed to be January 12 but I don’t have class that day. The first day somehow always feels so daunting to me. It’s the day we return from vacation. It’s the day when we get our syllabus and all the assignment and exam dates. It’s the day when the instructor introduces the course and what it’s generally about along with all the things the instructor says we’re going to learn.

The most scary thing about the first day of class is the fear of walking into the wrong room. Almost every class I took, on the first day of class, there’s always someone who walks into a  classroom, sits down, and gets out their notebooks and computers and when the teacher walks in, they immediately pack up their stuff and walk out of the classroom with a tomato face. They’ve been in the wrong room.

I do not want to be that person.  I haven’t yet, thank god but other than that, the first day of class has always been my favorite day since it might be the only day in the entire semester when I don’t have to do anything.

2 thoughts on “The First Day

    • It seems like it, doesn’t it?
      Maybe it happens to those that has a lot on their minds. I’ve always double check my schedule and the classroom I’m walking into.


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