To the Rescue!

Daily Prompt: Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Ha, ha, me rescuing someone? That’s hilarious. It’s more like people rescuing me. I don’t think I’ve been rescued by someone before. I’ve always managed to come around on my own. Even the time when I was squirming crazily on my bed, my body going into full spasm. When I came around, I was shocked to find my step-dad, the one who’s training to be a RN was the one freaking out.

But no, this is a story for another time. This is a story about how my mom prevented a major house fire. I know, the prompt said a person or animal but a house, to me, like most inanimate objects are looked at like a person.

It was September, 2013 (wow that feel a little weird to say), it seems everything happens in September. Anyway, an international student came to stay with us because the school had no host family available. I had just begun my job with my former boss, Mr. Li.

It was a Saturday, it was my first day on the job. I reported for work early that morning and my tasks that day were to assist on his trip to the accountants’ office as well as the supermarket. Basically, I was supposed to trail behind him like a puppy while my mom was his wife’s volunteering driver for the day.

When I finally came home that day, my mom said, “She almost burned the house down!”

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

“I just stepped out for a few minutes and she left the toaster oven on! If I didn’t see it, the whole house would have gone up in flames.”

After a few days, weeks, months and even now and then, she was still talking about it, telling about her heroic rescue of the house. Unbelievable! The story became horribly annoying after a while but hey, she did prevent a fire and saved the house.

10 thoughts on “To the Rescue!

    • No, you’re thinking of a toaster. This a toaster oven, the kind that can bake a small pizza, not the kind that pops up.

      The timer was on for 15 minutes and the temperature was 400 degrees. There was nothing inside except for a tray lined with foil. A few more minutes and I’m pretty sure it’ll go kaboom.


      • Yes, oops, we have a toaster oven too AND the timer knob gets stuck/never turns off. In less than two minutes and food 450 degrees, our toasts get burnt!

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      • Yup, never try to toast a piece of bread in the toaster oven. It will either toast one side and not the other or it will burn one side and toast the other. It’s tricky. I still prefer the toaster when it comes to bread.

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