A Change of Scenery

Hello and greetings from Idaho!

wpid-20150102_085230-1-2After 3 hours of driving, 1 hour of eating, and who knows how long it took for my mom’s friend to get the internet working again (modem failure), I’m finally online again. Honestly, I don’t mind being offline but I was getting a little bored. The town feels quite quaint and it feels a little calmer than the city which it’s exactly what I need.


You can see how incredibly boring the ride was. This was all I can see for three hours. Too keep myself preoccupied, I thought about the Daily Prompt which I took a quick look at before I left this morning. To be honest, I don’t expect my blog to make any changes in the world because the material I publish on the blog are my stories and my stories only. So I am not sure and will not expect my stories to impact anyone.

Ugh, my mom and her friends are talking so loud. I can’t concentrate and I have nowhere to go. Oh well. I might as well go out and look at the snowy scenery.

Lucy, My mom's friend's big dog
Lucy, My mom’s friend’s big dog

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